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Working Remote (3/3)

I spent my first month of remote work in Michigan with friends. It was August and the perfect weather for Traverse City. It’s a small town that is HIGHLY rated as walkable city with a walking score of 98. I LOVED it. Walking to a coffee shop, grocery store, restaurants, and the nearby lake everyday was easy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is such a vast difference from the month before in my own apartment in Costa Mesa, California which had a walking score of 65

My office days went like this

Wake up

Drive to gym

Drive back home

Get dressed and ready for work

Drive to work

Drive to get food

Drive back to work

Drive to errands

Drive home

Walk around apartment complex

Even in my non-office days, if I needed something, I had to drive somewhere.

I was tired of doing that.

I absolutely love walking. Time slows down, I can do all the social things and I enjoy discovering new things and places in my surroundings. It’s like an adventure every day.

This, the community and many reasons are why I liked Michigan. You can find more about my Michigan experience in my post here

Since I don’t plan in advance, I was waiting on a nudge from the universe to tell me where to go that August.

Now that I am full of knowledge of human design and the law of attraction, I knew that something from outside of me would come into my field to let me know what’s next and I would know if it was right for me if my body reacted with excitement and joy. For some reason Europe wasn’t giving me any excitement nor did I feel a nudge to go there.

It came about a week before I had to leave Michigan and it was from my own friend Morgan who I’d been hanging out with for the last month. She asked if I ever considered Colombia? I said no, but tell me how is it? It’s been on my list!

You see. Colombia has actually been on my countries list for a long time. I had always wanted to go there for New Year’s (back when I was doing New Year’s trips) and I knew that one day, I’ll make my way there. It wasn’t time yet.

Well it felt like the time was now.

She told me about how in Medellin there’s a spiritual community and that I would like it as I’m pretty spiritual myself. That it’s a big digital nomad hub and a lot of people are there working remotely.

My excitement was growing! Here’s my chance to expand and focus on my spiritual offerings like human design, hypnosis and meet people who are living the life I want to live.

I even looked at the astrocartography of Medellin and being there activated the journey to my destiny. I could no wait.

She gave me the place where she stayed and off I went to Medellin on September 2nd, my birthday 😊

A lot happened in my first month in Medellin and by October I knew that I wanted to live there and not go back to the U.S. at least for a year.

I met a lot of people and it felt like we were fated to meet at that time as they are all still friends that I have to this day.

I also met a girl from France and had a conversation with her, how she quit her job to travel and find herself for a year and said that she’s not going back to France. Somehow that convinced me to do the same and I said, no more. I am done with the United States, I don’t like the greed, consumerism, how I’m working to live and I’m ready for something new.

The next time I had a 1:1 with my manager

I told her I wasn’t coming back after December. I am enjoying remote work too much and being in another country. I felt like I was living more. I got to have a whole life after work and even before work started. I talked to so many people who are living life with purpose and are exploring, adventuring and enjoying living in another country. Just like me. I said to myself, I belong here. In a place where people can come together about a mutual experience and support each other.

To my surprise she said that things may change when the new CEO comes and that we will get to it then. In October, our last CEO retired so it would take the new CEO a few months to settle in and make any changes to the hybrid working schedule and I’m guessing she would just follow the directive of the CEO. For now, she wasn’t firing me. I was working on so many projects that were high profile that needed to be pushed into completion. I knew she needed me too.

I would keep enjoying this country and remote work while saving up money for when I do eventually get fired or quit. I had already saved around 20K and my plan was to keep it going.

This meeting with my manager was uncomfortable, but it felt good to stand my ground.


In the next post, I'll go into depth on my first month in Medellin and how magical it was


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