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Food Poisoning and the Move Update

Hello friends!

It's been a minute since I posted anything on the blog. If you've been following me on social media, you know that a lot has happened—from my dad getting into an accident to me leaving the States and living abroad. 🌍✈️

There's a lot I cannot yet say about what has happened job-wise, but I will be able to in a few months. 🕒

For now, here's the tea on living in Medellín, Colombia! 🍵🇨🇴

1st Week Back In Medellín

In my first week, I got to socialize a lot, unlike previous times I've traveled where I met so many new people. I came back to friends I had made who were still here when I returned. 😊👯‍♀️

Living Situation

This time, instead of living with four other girls in a 5-bedroom house, I am living with two girls in a 3-bedroom apartment. Instead of living on the outskirts of the neighborhood where it was a little sketchy to walk outside at night, we are living in the heart of the neighborhood where there is plenty of street lighting and a lot of people walk around at night. 🏡🌃

Fitness Routine

I immediately focused on finding a gym and another place to work out. My roommate mentioned a new pilates studio that opened up, so I signed up for that. I checked out a group fitness gym that had a free class offering and absolutely loved it, so I signed up. Both are within a 6-8 minute walk from my apartment. 💪🏋️‍♀️

I am still considering yoga and dance, but they are less of a priority at this time. However, there are options within walking distance as well. 🧘‍♀️💃

Food & Groceries

I have a variety of options near me to get healthy food. One nearby is called Carulla, which is pretty much like Whole Foods in the States. If I walk a bit further, I can get lower-cost groceries at a place called Éxito. 🛒🥑

I’ve been really lucky to live in a place where sellers come by to sell ripe avocados and delicious strawberries, saving me a trip to the store! 🍓🥑

My favorite breakfast here is avocado toast. I make it with plenty of toppings, & veggies making for a delicious meal. 🥑🍞

I also found a delicious sourdough bread place nearby. You can see my story on that here:

Story of the day: Sourdough Bread 🍞😋

Oh, and yes, I have a YouTube channel! 🎥📺

It wasn’t intentional. It just happened when I taught a class on how to interpret your birth chart, and I needed somewhere to put it so that people who couldn’t attend live could still get the class.

If you are curious about that, you can click the picture above 🔮🌟

I teach:

  • Where and how to pull your birth chart

  • What whole sign houses are

  • What the houses mean and how to know what part of your life will be affected

  • How to put it together to interpret your own chart for the full moon!

I Learned Embroidery! 🧵🧶

Even though I socialized with a lot of friends my first week, I ended up meeting new people, including a girl who is also trying to turn her hobby into a business. She loves crafts, and honestly, her events are so fun and cozy! 🎨💕

I joined her event for embroidery. She provided all the materials needed to start and then taught us different stitching techniques. It’s such a fun activity when you just want to listen to a podcast, audiobook, or even a movie you’ve already watched and are rewatching. I’m also really glad I picked it up pretty quickly, unlike other artsy things where I get impatient. 🎧🎬

If you are in Medellín and curious about her events, you can go here: 🧵😊


I did randomly get food poisoning yesterday, which I had never experienced before, and it was the WORST feeling ever. Fortunately, I got cured quickly by having a nurse come by and give me a hydration IV. I was dehydrated as I could not keep any food or drinks down.

I believe the hydration helped my body fight the virus, and it left my body in less than 24 hours. Thank goodness. If you ever find yourself in this position, GO GET AN IV. 🏥💉

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