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How My Remote Work Started (1/3)

Before I get into the details of last week's call.

I want to give you a little history of the events that happened in 2023 that led to this.

February - My 2.5 year long term relationship ended which expanded my options of where I could live. I didn't need to stay in California anymore, I was free.

April - My lease ended in a 2-bedroom apartment with my roommate and we decided we’d go our separate ways.

At the time, my goal was to get a 1-bedroom apartment. For some reason a 1-bedroom apartment in Orange County, CA meant that I had made it as it was always too expensive to get an apartment on my own. Since 1 year felt too large of a commitment to an apartment, I luckily found someone who wanted to get rid of their lease and would transfer me their lease for a 1-bedroom for the remaining 3 months they had starting May 1st. I wanted to test out if I really liked living in a 1-bedroom before investing so much in it.

Since there was time in between before move in day, I decided to go to Traverse City, Michigan to visit my close friend who worked remotely.

I spent the next week reading books, visiting coffee shops, identifying birds with my new app, going on hikes, paddleboarding, and enjoying the slow life of a small town all while working remotely.

It was wholesome

My heart was happy

I felt alive

After this short trip, I said goodbye to my friend and she invited me back for a whole month in August as the weather would be better, I said yes!

I didn’t know how I was going to do it, I just knew I felt called to come back.

That Summer, I fully enjoyed living by myself and setting my own morning and nightly routine. I even decided to stop drinking alcohol and smoking weed.

I did a lot of healing in that time, connected with myself, my spiritual guides and thoroughly enjoyed living on my own.

I even grew strawberries!

In that time, I thought “ wow, I can’t believe I had looked forward to this for years!”

This was too traditional for me

I needed to adventure and was really looking forward to moving and letting the wind blow me in the right direction like it always does.

On July 2 - I bought a one-way ticket to Michigan, being delulu that somehow I’d get my remote work, I was sure of it.


In the next post, I will share the first conversation I had with my manager about working remotely and how HR got involved and wanted to cut my salary by $20K

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