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What is Human Design?

What is Human Design? 🦄

In my own words, it's who you were designed to be energetically ✨

Energy doesn't lie. You either have the energy ⚡for something or you don't🚫

Those nudges you feel to

create art🎨

travel 🌍

getting a dog 🐕

moving to a new city🏙

and even that new person that you are so excited about 🥰

They're not there by chance 🐥

As we move into the future, driving by Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces, we are faced with new ways of living.

🌟The new way of living is using your body, your intuition, your energy to make decisions rather than relying on our logical mind. 🌟

When I learned about Human Design, it felt understood and validated on so many different levels 🤩

The things about me that I thought were wrong, were the exact opposite. They were my gifts 🥺

I had been at a very low point, sad, and lost ⛈

The system was so accurate, that I saw results instantly 💯

Since then, I've studied it 📚 So that I could share it with you and with anyone who may need some help in their path.

I want you to know, you are special and you are gifted, we all are in our own unique way ❤️

If you are ready to learn about your energetic blueprint, book reading!


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