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Turning the first page of a new book

Wowww! here we are again 🤩 I went back to the very first post that I made when I started blogging and it was May 2015, you can see it below.

During that time, I bought a one-way ticket to the Dominican Republic and was giving tips for others to do the same. My focus: travel on a budget.

That was 8 years ago! My essence and adventurous spirit has not changed one bit. In fact, just reading over my past blogs gave me hope. I have always been fearless and courageous over the course of my life. To live life with purpose and adventure and to not wait until “retirement” to live a life I’ve only ever dreamed of.

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me since I was a teen. I was the girl with the notebook and who worked her butt off to get that password protected notebook

I cringe 😆 See visual below…

As I write this in a coffee shop ☕ in Colombia 🇨🇴, I’m reminded of how there’s a reason and a season for everything.

I am now inspired to write, not only travel and tips, but reflecting on life. My ultimate joy in life is inspiring others to move towards their dreams and sometimes leading by example is what’s needed. Can't wait to share more through writing.

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05 sept. 2023

I love this! Can’t wait to read more!

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