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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Alright so I'm setting the stage for the next few weeks. I am going to write when I really have something to say and I thought I didn't have much to say today but I have drama.

I had a lot going on at work today.

Worked too many hours in my opinion. Not sure if its Mercury in Aries, but I've 100% went off the rails and just voiced my concerns on the IT guy that is SO rude.

I spoke to him first to make sure I was on the same page with him.

He declined my meeting and I said, as our front end contact why are you declining?

And he said it was because he didn't think he needed to be in the meeting. I disagreed.

It was a collaboration meeting where both front end and back end would attend.

I had already been waiting for something like this to happen as I recently heard that he made one of my coworkers cry. You guys, she is the sweetest person EVER. She even told his manager and she told her that he's good at what he does and we should keep him happy. UMM EXCUSE ME.

This happened and no one said anything? Nope, this doesn't' fly with my defined will center (iykyk)

What the actual f*** how can someone so mean and passive agressive be allowed to keep working In this role. I spoke to my manager and she scheduled a meeting about the topic I was concerned about. Then afterwards in another call, she said he's rough around the edges.

Nope, that's the second time I've heard this, that's not an excuse, he needs to be sent to HR.

Apparently, he has and they just haven't wanted to move him for years.

I'm still going to HR tomorrow.

I will fight the good fight, because I also have gate 38 in a few places and I enjoy fighting for a cause. Will let you know how it goes.

Good night for now


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