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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Started the day with a 12KM race called Corre por Amor that I spontaneously signed up for 2 days ago. 

As a manifesting generator in the human design system, my body has a hell yes or uh uh response. This invitation was a big yes and I didn’t even need to ride my emotional wave.

Running for me is a fun activity that helps me release stress and this week was STRESS.

Let's talk about the stress I felt this week.


I learned that I need to go home for work for a week. Then realized that my family vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico was a week later. It made more sense to just stay in the states for 2 weeks then go on my 1 week vacation. Which leads to me being away from Colombia for 3 weeks. The only issue is that my rent has already been paid through July! Which means now I need to find someone to take over my room until I get back as to not lose out on money.


I am now battling the decision of leaving my job and discussing the temporary remote extension with my manager. Luckily our bi-weekly meeting was scheduled for today. I asked her for the extension and she was not budging, wanting me back in office. I told her no. I would rather train the next person than go back to live in the US and in a corporate environment that now wants me there 3 days a week in office instead of 2 days. No, thank you. She said we should discuss in person. Asked the universe for a sign of a blue bird if I’m meant to leave the job.


My roomie sends me a lead on someone wanting my room for the time I’m gone (yay!) Started getting more comfortable with the idea of leaving my job! Feeling a sense of liberation and freedom. I decide it’s either I’m a independent contractor or I quit. Told my roomie about it and she had some good thoughts around it. What about health insurance? Maybe try to max out your 401K before you go?  She’s right, now I’m stressed again. I need to book all my health appointments in the 2 weeks I’m home. I’m overwhelmed and can barely work productively.


Confirmed the person taking my room and rent was sent my way! One thing checked off the list and a big weight off my shoulders. Spent the day coworking at a beautiful cafe. I’m only productive after 4pm. I think about not even doing independent contracting and just quitting all together. I can take a sabbatical.


I felt more peace and excitement for the opportunities that will open up once I release this job. I randomly get the sign I asked for and I know the end of my corporate career is here!


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