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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Cute shot of the sky - taken on Friday

Hey it's been a few days, I wrote on Thursday but decided the post wasn't worth sharing as my heart wasn't in it. This morning, I woke up with an urge to write. Ew, when I first wrote, I spelled it like "right" where is my brain ??😂

This week was a whirlwind of emotions 🌀

From work drama to the constant reminder that the airbnb we are in is ending at the end of the month and I am leaving a few days before that. Trying to get in roommate time with each of the 4 girls, plus other friends I've made here, all while working on a high-priority project at work has been stressful 😪, but I'm managing!

What I really enjoy about not being in the U.S. is the fact that I HAVE ENERGY after the work day to do things. I used to get up at 6am to get ready for work, get there by 7am, rush my breakfast at my desk, have my lunch at my desk, go home around 4pm. Go to the gym, then go home and relax until the next day. Some days I'd meet friends and family but mostly not.

Now, I wake up slowly every morning, around 7am. If I wake up early enough I go to the gym, if not, it's left for lunch time or in the afternoon. I make my breakfast every morning, I'm currently obsessed with making avocado toast. I get off work at 4pm and still have so much time before going to bed. I can go to dinner, take a dance class, attend an event, come back home to chat with roomies, do my nightly routine and then go to bed. The 6-7 hours after work are so fulfilling that I wake up each morning excited for the next day.

I truly enjoy this way of life.


Remember earlier this week when I went to HR about the rude IT guy? Well they told me to go back to my manager, which I had also done already. Thankfully, whatever my manager said to him worked because a day later the IT guy wasn't so rude anymore. He even said please?? 😮

After that day, I realized I needed to be compassionate. Not for him, but for me. He triggered me so hard and really touched a wound I didn't know I had. By refusing to help me, it made me feel like I am not getting enough help and with the escalation of projects, I had already been feeling a deep sadness and failure. Along with not wanting to work here anymore.

This was just the tipping point.

When I learned this, I decided to change my thoughts towards work. I must be thinking negative thoughts to have these negative outcomes. (Obviously, the law of attraction).

The next day, with my renewed sense of awareness. I set an intention that at work, I will have a great time collaborating with people and it will be a team effort. Then as I checked my emails, I had work anxiety affirmations playing in my ear.

  • I find joy and fulfillment in my work, even in stressful moments.

  • I am surrounded by a supportive and uplifting work community.

  • I prioritize tasks and tackle them one step at a time.

My day ended up being fun, stress free and collaborative. By focusing on positive outcomes, the day flowed and my energy changed with it.

I will leave you with this update. On Friday, we finally received the organizational change update that we had all been waiting for - for months. It will be on Tuesday. I'm so excited! This means change and I want to understand why my manager kept waiting for this to have a conversation with the team. Let's see what happens!

Until then, I will be enjoying my days.

This weekend I go to Santa Elena for some nature getaway with friends and now I need to get ready for dancehall class at 9am.

Thank you for being here!


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