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My Last Ultra Race & Human Design

📅 On January 2020, I signed up for my first 50K ultra marathon.

🏃‍♂️ On January 2023, I ran my last 50K ultra marathon.

For 3 years, I spent my time in the mountains surrounded by an amazing trail running community, challenging myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and finding love. 🏔️💖

It was the most rewarding years of my life.

Going where few have gone before.

But in 2022

the joy and excitement I once felt for the sport no longer resonated. 😕

I was confused❓

Running and hiking felt SO HARD

I couldn’t understand why😞

Why couldn’t my body just cooperate?😤

I would try multiple times to climb Mt. Baldy

A mountain that I would do weekly

Only to cry within 1 hour of being on the trail 😢⛰️

On June 2022, I found Human Design.

Learning my energy type changed my life 🤩

It validated my experiences ✔️ and gave me the permission to quit 🙅‍♀️

Generators/Manifesting Generators have life force energy

Doing things that bring them joy recharges & gives them energy 🔋

Doing things that frustrate them, depletes them 🪫

Our internal compass knows where to go. 🧭

While my light dimmed for trail running and hiking, it brightened for human design. When one door closes, another one opens. 🌟🚪

Now I get to spend my time sharing this wonderful system, helping others move past difficult moments in their lives 😉

Knowing your energy type will help you live a life with ease 😌

It’s a blueprint for you to co-create with the universe.

Let me help you decipher so that you can get closer to your purpose.

If you follow me on IG @elizabeth-enlightens, DM me for a10% off coupon.


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