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Monday, March 18, 2024

On our hike Sunday

This weekend I had a trip planned to go visit a friend in Santa Elena, Antioquia which is a nature getaway located just outside of Medellin. After a long week of 85 degree daily weather, I was sooo ready to go and enjoy fresh air, nature and to just be out of the city with friends.

As soon as the driver picked us up, we were relaxed and almost slept on the way to the cabin. It was a 1 hour drive up. We got a driver from Santa Elena because there are NO Ubers there.

All needs to be set up prior, which was something new for me.  When arrived, the air was SO much cooler, I was so happy you don’t even know. Hot weather is not my favorite.

I just met these girls only a month ago, but I truly feel that we’re meant to be in each other’s lives at this time.  We spent the entire weekend talking bout astrology, human design, manifestations, our recent triggers and limiting patterns we’ve become aware of and where we are in our creative journey towards sharing our gifts to the world. 

It was by no surprise that when I got a message from a friend that there was a conscious event involving breath work, ecstatic dance, and sound healing, they both said yes!

We made it to the event 10 minutes after it started, we were freaking out that it started already, only to discover we were one of the first ones there and EVERYONE was running late. The whole event didn’t start until an hour later.

It was all good though, we weren’t sure what to expect so we asked what the event structure was like and they said it would be 

45 minutes breathwork

45 minutes ecstatic dance

45 minutes sound healing

This was helpful because we had to organize for our driver to pick us up after to take us back to the cabin.

The place where we would be was beautiful.

It was called AKASHA and a woman named Maria was leading the event.

She led us through breathwork that almost felt like the same breath of fire used in Kundalini yoga. 

The different breathing poses were supposed to help us release from different parts of our bodies.

I felt tingles and energy moving as I did it, feeling sooo good. At some point, I could feel the stress rise and leave my body. 

As the breathwork closed, we slowly started moving consciously as we sat. Moving left, right, sideways, however we wanted to move with the music, whatever felt best for our bodies. I stretched, I moved my arms to the beat of the music, I felt myself getting more free as minutes went by. All with my eyes closed, just connecting with my inner self.

For those of you who don’t know, ecstatic dance is a space where you can be present.

It can connect you to your body. The purpose is for you to be free, dance how you want in a place where there is absolutely no judgment. Dancing helps clear any stuck energy from stress that’s accumulated in your shoulders, chest, hips. 

We eventually started dancing standing up and that was a lot of fun! I found myself smiling a lot with eyes closed and open at times, looking at my friends enjoying made me smile even more. We danced inside, outside and to the sun, happy to reconnect with ourselves. The overall message of the event was to take the time to give back to ourselves, our body, our soul, our mind. 

As the dancing ended, I was a little tired and ready to go inside for the sound healing which was next.

The sound healing was heart-warming and relaxing. There were so many sounds that they played from waves, to chimes and a gong. I felt as though I got into a meditative state, there were thoughts running through my head on how cleansed, light and empowered I feel. How this felt like a big refresh and rebirth and that on Monday, I will be different with better energy and an empowered view on life.  My friends and I agreed that this event was such a spontaneous decision but so worth it! I would come back to more events like this.

This morning I can say that I kept my empowered outlook. I had a few meetings in the morning and took a meditation break, then before one of my more stressful meetings, I did some affirmations and meditation. The meeting went better than expected. Even now, at the end of my work day, I didn’t stress or let anything from work annoy me which is not usually the case.

Jus me and cheese

I still feel very aligned and focused on my future goals. Events like this one remind me that I’m on the right track and that I need to continue a spiritual practice as I navigate life outside of a salary job which will happen in the next 2 months. 

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