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Monday, March 11,2024

This morning I put all my tasks on Notion as to-do’s and then created tasks with the groups of to-do’s that matched and now I feel a lot less stressed.

I added plants and emojis so that it looks cute. This is just a snapshot, but I'm happy with it!

I am so lucky to be living with friends. We can cry, burst out laughing and get hangry together. The only disagreement we’ve had has been the trash and dishes, but that didn’t last long. It’s a gift to be living with people who inspire me every day. We’re all independent, do our own things. Have our own hobbies, but we can all connect in the fact that we’re living in Colombia at this point in our lives. We’ve been living together since the start of the year and sadly it will come to an end soon at the end of March. 

Until then, I will cherish our time together <3

Anyway, so I’m on this search to find a way to stay in Colombia. I love this place and I still need to visit more of the country.

There’s the digital nomad visa option or getting my Mexican passport.

I’m working on both of these at the moment, we’ll see what happens :) 

Ended the night with a fun Sean Paul Dancehall choreography.



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