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Ask and It is Given

Saturday, March 9, 2024

I asked for a sign and it came last night.

 In the beginning of the week I listened to one of my favorite podcasts called "Big Conversations" by Hayley Hoffman Smith. This episode was a compilation of people sharing different stories of asking for a sign from the universe or their guides and getting it. It was so inspiring, I decided to give it a try.


It was Tuesday morning and a day after my boss told me to come back to the office for a week at the end of March for a quarterly business review and strategy meetings. The problem: my temporary remote work contract ends on March 31st.


I did not realize it on Monday, but she was basically saying it was time to come back. I contemplated this on Monday and on conveniently on Tuesday, we had a scheduled 1:1. So here I am Tuesday morning listening to these faith boosting stories of people who've made leaps in their lives and had been happy with their decisions. This was my moment.


I knew it was going to come again, it would be the 3rd time I had this conversation. My thoughts were swirling. Should I stand my ground and get an extension? or decide this is the time to quit and leave my job behind?


I thought I'd give the universe a task and asked for a sign. I asked in my head, "if I'm supposed to leave this job, send me a blue bird." The Blue bird just came naturally in my head. Over the course of the day, I noticed many birds. None of them blue. By the time it was Friday, 4 days later, I forgot about the sign.


I was out with my friend Janice, celebrating Women's Day at a tarot event and the sign was there. I never imagined it would appear the way it did. We walked into a room with a mural displayed on the wall. She pointed to the blue bird and said something along the lines "there's a blue bird" and immediately, I said "what did you say?" I was shocked. It had clicked in my head that this was my sign.


Although I had felt the end of my corporate life coming for months now (more about that later), the feeling of having this confirmed by the universe felt peaceful.


I'm going to be okay and even if there are going to be ups and downs.

I know that the universe has my back.


If you think someone would benefit from seeing me navigate through this career shift, forward them this email. It would help me grow this and impact those that need it :)


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