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3 Reasons why I love adventures in Traverse City, Michigan

I’ve been coming to this city since my friend’s Jordan and Morgan bought a house 🏠 and moved here in 2020. Morgan and I have traveled together over the years and we have the best time! We both love walks in nature and Michigan has plenty of those, plus she introduced me to paddle boarding on the lake this year and it's my new favorite water sport 😆

I had never seen a city like it.Lots of lakes to swim in, small town vibes, but touristic with plenty of coffee shops and VERY walkable. The walkable score is 98/100! Which is wild. It's considered walkers paradise 🚶🏽‍♀️ If it wasn't for the snow/cold weather most of the year here, I would move.

Aside from the walking, here's the 3 things I love about coming here.

1. The Scenic Landscapes 🌲

As I walked the streets, I noticed this vibrant tree. Truly a sight to see for nature lovers.

Traverse City

The reason why this is so beautiful to me is because it's completely different from what I'm used to. I have a history of trail running 🏃🏽‍♀️ and hiking in the SoCal mountains ⛰️. The trees and landscapes of the mountains and some of the surrounding hikes in LA & OC are completely different from this. Big pine trees, dry areas, lots of rocks.

The lush green is missing from SoCal as we don’t get much rain except for the crazy rainfall we received this year in the beginning of 2023.

2. The Well-Decorated Homes

Another difference was the houses, look how cute this house is 😍! Most of these houses are old. I don’t know how old, but they are super cute cottage looking homes that are vastly different from the homes in OC. Fun fact: I have always been a house admirer, loving the way houses look and are designed. Never dreamt of owning one though 😌.

Tiny Free Library Matching Home

3. Community 🫂

I think the best part about this city is the people and not just strangers, having my friend's there to talk to and hang out with. The community aspect. The fact that we can share and talk about our lives and how things are going with our lives, how our jobs are affecting us, talking about the books we’re reading and just being. I truly value deep fulfilling relationships and I'm glad I have that.


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